EnergyFunders Simplifies its Payments with Automation
EnergyFunders automated its manual payment processes with Dwolla at a cost savings of 20%.
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Dwolla Helps Bento for Business Scale
Bento for Business allows employers to control employee spending using Dwolla’s API to facilitate the transfer of funds from the employer’s account to a Bento account.
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Instagram Ad Platform Popular Pays Saves Time With Dwolla
Popular Pays is an Instagram ad platform that uses Dwolla to streamline its operations, cutting manual payout tasks by 50%.
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"Having control of interactions ourselves and being able to integrate with a provider like Dwolla that lets us own that component of our business—but has seamless tech and transactions in the background—was a much better fit for us."
Chris Bruno
CEO and Co-founder
Relay Restaurant Delivery Platform Integrates API for Payouts
Relay Delivery, a restaurant delivery platform, pays its couriers using Dwolla, reducing its manual payout processing tasks by 100%, saving $1,200 a month.
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GOAT Marketplace Payouts with ACH API
With Dwolla's help, Goat decreased its support-related tickets by 80%.
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Nomad Health Integrates Dwolla’s API for Same-Day ACH Payouts
With Dwolla's Same Day ACH transfers, Nomad cut its payout times by 3 days.
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“As we looked to build out our business, we needed an API that met our technical standards—and Dwolla did just that. From functionality to integration support, Dwolla’s bank transfer API has been ideal in helping us scale. On top of that, using the Dashboard and Admin in conjunction with our processes has provided helpful insights and saved time.”
Bryan Petro
Savings App Outpaces Projection by 20% With Dwolla
Using Dwolla, Kidfund, outpaced its transferred funds projection by 20%
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Qoins Mobile App Improves Its Margins with Dwolla
After switching payments providers, Qoins improved margins by 10% with Dwolla’s API.
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